Unbiased Counselling      

We provide unbiased counseling to students on their preferred country of study, institutions and the program of study. Our counselors advise you on all the necessary requirements and help you in every step till you land at the university.

Admission & Visa Guidance

Our counselors help you from the moment you start your application process until the admission to the university, by assisting you in all matters of concern and advice on the right decisions to be taken. All necessary guidance on the visa requirements are taken care to the last detail to see that there is 99% success rate.


Scholarships are of various kinds, some offered by universities, some of them by default and some of them by institutions, we will advice the student based on their academic status and percentage to take the best out of it.

Fees & Charges

Our student counseling and advise is free. We also do not charge any fee for Spot Admission sessions, Road shows and other events.

But, depending on the institution and the country the student applies, there could be an application fee and process fee charged. Other charges that may be incurred are for couriers and other expenses. Students are informed of these charges at the time of counselling, if any.

Loans & Financial Expertise 

We give complete guidance on Educational Loans & assistance. We have a list of Nationalized Banks offering Loans at reasonable rates & we also have tie-up's with well known Private Banks & Financial Institutions.

Forex & Travel

Tie ups with reputed Forex dealers and travel portals ensures that our students get competitive exchange rates and prompt services. We help you to get the best exchange rate for Demand Drafts, Travellers Cheques, International Debit Cards, Wire Transfers & Currency.

Post Landing Services

We provide post landing services like airport pickup, temporary accomodation, travel insurance and orientation, some of these services are chargeable, pls chk with our counselor.